LiveSmart BC Energy Efficiency Incentive Program


The LiveSmart BC: Efficiency Incentive Program pays $150.00 towards the fee directly to the evaluation providers, so the actual price to the customer is a maximum of $175.00 plus taxes and travel in some regions. Evaluation providers are bound by contract to charge a maximum of $175 to property owners for the base service of the initial energy appraisal.

One of the eligible improvements is to install a geothermal ground source heat pump.

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FortisBC PowerSense Home Improvement Program


Home renovations that include an energy efficiency improvement are more comfortable and use less energy, minimizing the ongoing utility expenses. FortisBC offers ground source heat pump loans available for up to $6,500. For more information or to apply, please phone 1-866-436-7847.

FortisBC PowerSense Reduce Your Use Rebate


A $150 discount towards your initial LiveSmart BC home energy assessment. This evaluation measures your house’s energy efficiency and provides recommendations for the most effective means to reduce electricity use.

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FortisBC PowerSense New Home Program

There are two types of discounts intended for new houses from FortisBC. Homes that reach an EnerGuide ranking in excess of 80 points are eligible for a whole home rebate. Alternatively, rebates can be applied to the individual energy saving measures which go into a new home.

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FortisBC PowerSense Commercial Energy Assessment

50% Off

To begin the process of identifying the best energy-saving solutions for your business, a FortisBC PowerSense technical advisor will perform a walk-through energy assessment of your business free of charge. If neccessary, FortisBC will also fund up to 50% of the expense of a comprehensive energy study (to a maximum of $5,000) conducted by a sanctioned engineering advisor.

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FortisBC PowerSense Commercial Efficiency Program


A no cost walk-through energy assessment will be conducted by a FortisBC PowerSense technical advisor to help identify energy saving opportunities for your business. Rebates are based on 10 cents per estimated annual kilowatt saved and are designed to reduce the payback period on your investment.

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Lethbridge BuiltGreen Homeowner Rebate


Home purchasers within the SunRidge expansion of Lethbridge, Alberta can enhance their new houses using Built Green procedures. The owners of the latest residences in SunRidge qualify for as many as a $3,500 refund.

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Strathcona County Green Building Rebate Program

70% OFF

Construction permit fee rebate for contractors in Strathocna County, Alberta who meet Build Green, R-2000, LEED Certification or the equivalent while having already enlisted for the program.

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Medicine Hat Commercial Renewable Energy Incentive


Geothermal energy commercial installations qualify for an incentive equal to 25% of the installed costs to a maximum of $5,000.

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Medicine Hat Residential Renewable Energy Incentive


Geothermal energy residential installations qualify for an incentive equal to 25% of the installed costs to a maximum of $2,500. The total will include equipment purchases, permits, installation, materials, federal tax, and any additional fees and costs that will be associated with installing the geothermal energy system..

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Medicine Hat Residential Home Energy Evaluation Incentive


For existing homes that are in excess of 6 months old qualify for this incentive. The total price of the house energy assessment will be approximately $250 to $275 (plus GST, prices may change). The HAT Smart home energy evaluation rebate will be applied directly when billed by the service provider. You will receive a full energy report on your home (this is not a home inspection report - it focuses solely on energy consumption). Included in the report will be a list of recommendations indicating improvements that you can make to improve your energy efficiency. You will find out where your home ‘leaks’ and be shown exactly where those areas of air infiltration are. Finally, you will receive an EnerGuide rating for your home which can be important in relation to resale value.

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SaskEnergy Energy Efficient Rebate for New Homes


SaskEnergy offers an Energy Efficient Rebate for New Homes. The offer delivers bonuses to Saskatchewan residents that buy or construct a newly built energy efficient house which is either ENERGY STAR certified, R-2000 qualified or comes with a EnerGuide for New Homes ranking of 80 or higher.

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SaskPower Geothermal and Self-Generated Renewable Power Loan Program


SaskPower Eneraction provides a financial loan program for residential and farm clients who choose to put in a Canadian Geoexchange Coalition (CGC) authorized geothermal power heating and/or a green electric power system. Suitable clients will get financing from $1,000 to $50,000 for product design and installation. SaskPower Eneraction will subsidize the interest rate by 3.5%.

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SaskPower Commercial Geothermal Rebate Program


This product gives incentives to enterprise and farm clients who put in a geothermal energy heating system inside a recently manufactured building or retrofit a preexisting building (not including residential properties). All enterprises that meet the requirements will get a 15% discount on the qualified price of a geothermal energy heating system, to a maximal discount of $100,000.

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Manitoba Conservation Sustainable Development Innovations Funds (SDIF)


Project backing of as much as $50,000 to assist and encourage development within the environmentally friendly and eco-friendly development industrial sectors. This program is designed to promote ecologically reasonable decisions and activities as well as to help support pursuits which could benefit both the world-wide and regional surroundings.

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Manitoba Hydro Residential Geothermal Heat Pump Installation


Lending for as much as $20,000 toward installing a geothermal energy heat pump platform to offset the initial expense related to the purchasing of geothermal heat pumps.

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Hydro One New Home Construction Initiative


The saveONenergy NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION project was established to motivate house contractors and renovators to build energy-efficient homes in Ontario which include energy-efficiency in their design or all wide-ranging renovation. Rewards are offered to home contractors and renovators for the installing of energy-efficient systems in the house. Home contractors and renovators can decide to make use of all or any combination of Prescriptive, Performance-Based or Custom. Individuals who will be handling their own renovation, and can produce evidence of an upgrade of any related equipment which is qualified to receive a bonus might also make an application for the various options in the program.

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Hydro-Québec Geothermal Systems


For the construction of new homes Hydro-Québec offers a grant of $2,800 to install a geothermal energy system. Owners of houses that are already build are entitled to a grant from Hydro-Québec of $2,000 to install a geothermal power system as well as receiving a ecoENERGIE Retrofit $4,375 grant for replacing their existing system with a geothermal heat pump. In both situations the average amount received for the new retrofit is $1,300 from the Rénoclimat program.

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Prince Edward Island Provincial Sales Tax Exemption on Small-Scale Renewable Energy Equipment


Ground-source or geothermal heat pump energy systems and related equipment which has a ranking of 100 kilowatts or less is exempt from the provincial sales tax. For those who have bought a product or service since April 8, 2005 and paid PST, you are able to obtain a tax refund.

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Northwest Territories Energy Conservation Program


The efficient utilization of energy is encouraged in conjunction with the economic, social, and personal well-being of residents. To aid community financed projects and organizations reach these objectives, the Energy Conservation Program is offered for geothermal energy system installations which lower the consumption of electricity.

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